Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Fun and David Beckham

So this post has nothing to do with me, cashmere, carrot sticks or being a stay-at-home Mom, but it is worth a laugh on Friday.

Yesterday while I was at the dentist they had the Ellen Show on the television and one of her guests was David Beckham.  Anyways, focus here ladies ... Ellen often does pranks using her guests, and she does this one, preying on an unsuspecting massage therapist, using David Beckham.  I just finished watching it and have tears streaming down my face. It has been a long time since I laughed that hard.

I hope you enjoy as much as I did!

David Beckham on the Ellen Degeneres Show\

Have a wonderful weekend.


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Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Nemesis: The Fitted Sheet

Does anyone out there really know how to fold a fitted sheet so it looks the same as a flat sheet when it's done? You know, neat and crisp corners and easily stackable in my linen closet (well sort of anyways).

If you can achieve some sort of neat semblance of your fitted sheets once you have completed folding, I bow down to you. I am in awe. Please share your secrets.

I know there's some sort of secret about fitting the corners together and then squaring it off, yaddy yaddy yah.  I even saw Martha Stewart talk about it on Oprah like a decade ago ... needless to say fitted sheets and mastering their folding technique wasn't exactly a topic of interest to me at the time. 

No matter how hard I try, my fitteds end up looking more like a snowball than a neat, Martha-worthy product.
This is NOT what my fitted sheets look like.   (Source)

Sometimes I just plain give up and fold it a few times and then roll it up in a ball, not fighting the inevitable, choosing to instead, embrace my lack of fitted sheet folding skills.

I don't mind folding the regular flat sheets. I learned my skill at a summer job in 1993 working at a hotel folding white bed linens and towels, all day long.  If  I was folding for a hotel, I have to be pretty good right?  Especially after that kind of repetition.  My secret:  hotels only use flat sheets!

Well, if you haven't guessed it already, today is laundry day and I'll be faced with a few fitted sheets along the way as all the beds were stripped this weekend.  Errrr ... I really don't like folding them.

Wish me luck.


P.S. Dear MIL whom I know will read this ... I know you have secrets so do tell and share with us, leave a comment!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

To Minivan Or Not

I really don't enjoy vehicle shopping.

I mean I do ... but, I don't.

It's fun to look at all the shiny new cars, but when it comes down to the final decision and all the money haggling ...

Our lease on our Jeep Patriot family vehicle is up in a few months so the conversations of "what should we replace it with" have started to crop up.  I like the Jeep Grand Cherokee, but ...

The Big Question is ... to minivan or not?

  Hush now all you anti-minivanners out there. I get it and trust me I was one of you until about a week ago.

Then I really started to think about it. Extra seats for visitors and friends, extra space, easy packups for the cottage, no need for roof racks, cheaper pricing than an SUV, lower gas consumption (I think) than SUVs .... 

As a parent, if there is any stress you can take out of your life or from family trips, I try to take the opportunity.

Let's be clear - and no offence to minivan drivers - I never ... ever ... saw myself as a minivan driver, but that was when the majority of my peers and neighbours were not driving minivans. Your perception and priorities tend to shift a bit, if the majority of people you come in contact with on a regular basis have them. 

Sure the bigger SUVs are nice, and you get a bigger interior (but my husband and I are not big people so kind of unnecessary) but the luggage capacity is still not that big when you consider playpens + a cooler + a guitar + life jackets + oh yeah, your bags + gifts + anything else you may want to throw in.  Not to mention the price tags that go along with them.

My saving grace, if I should choose to minivan it, is that we also have a sportier car that my husband drives for work that I can drive if ever I feel like I am drowning in the stereotype of "minivan mom".

For the record, we are undecided, just exploring our options. I will let you know.


P.S. Very funny minivan video from Honda promoting their new vehicle (thanks Courtney).

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Breast Exam: No Time Like The Present

Today I am going to get a mammogram. My 3rd.  I am very young to get them, but given my family history, my doctor sends me to get them annually.  It always scares me. Especially when I got a call back after my first one saying that I needed to go back in because of something they noticed.  Turned out, all was okay.

All of you reading this know of someone who you love or cared about that has had to endure a battle against breast cancer.

For me, it was my Mom.  And unfortunately, she lost that battle in 2003.


Do yourselves a favour - perform a breast exam today... no excuses.

Speak to your doctor about any concerns you may have, find out about your family history from your parents and relatives and for goodness sakes, do all that you can to be healthy.

It's your body, it's your health. If you don't take care of yourself, who will?


Monday, October 25, 2010

Turns Out, I Am The Biggest Loser

Is there a limit to the amount of rice krispies one can ingest in a 48-hour period before they explode?  If yes, I am worried, very worried.

I made a 9x12 pan of rick krispies, oh about, 42 hours ago and just finished 'er off. Granted, I did share with my sons and husband, but if I want to be honest with myself (not really), I probably devoured a good 2/3s of the pan.  And the worst .... I ate some while watching The Biggest Loser! Now if that doesn't make me feel gross, there just is no hope for my motivation levels and my ability of working out on a regular basis :)
Enjoy some sweets for me today, would ya please!


Friday, October 22, 2010

My Copy-Cat Wreath

I am relatively new to the blog world and in my quest to check out other people's blogs, I came across two wonderful fall wreath designs that i found to be stunning - one at Ducks In A Row and the other at V and Co.

Inspired by the fall season and remembering these beautiful images, one day while out for a forest walk with my boys, I attempted to stuff as many pine cones in my jogging stroller as possible (both in the basket meant for carrying things, as well as all around one of my sleeping sons ... what's a little sap!).

Last night, my glue gun and I had a long overdue date (I think it's been more than a decade since I last pulled it out). A couple of glue burns later, I think I came out on top.

As you can see from the pictures, my pine cones are long white pine cones (I think), totally different shape than the above links so I was faced with a bit of a challenge on how to accommodate their shape, but I think it turned out pretty well.  I quickly grabbed that red fabric as I had leftovers from my son's curtains but might change it to plain cream or a plum pattern (if and when we ever paint our front door!).

My hands are sticking to the keyboard and mouse as I type. Gotta love glue guns.


P.S. Thank you Ducks in A Row and V and Co. for wonderful inspirations.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Coat That Got Away ... Errrrr ... NOT!!

For those of you who did not read about my coat that got away, click here.

Well, not so fast Miss DKNY Julianne black coat. You think you can escape me that easily, but you can't!

Guess whose husband is in the U.S. right now on a business trip and just picked up a parcel waiting for him at the front desk that looks like this:

(Oh Lindsay I have learned so much from you!).

Yup, snagged it online (for $30 extra bucks-boo!) for a grand total of only $136 USD. Not bad for my new winter coat.  And I lucked out with free one-day shipping (didn't even know that existed). My husband just happened to be travelling to the U.S. on business so I though, why not? I have never sent purchases to a hotel pre-arrival, but apparently it works just fine.

So the next update will be a picture of proud me, successful hunter of the Julianne coat.  I'm just hoping that this isn't one of those cases where you obsess over an article of clothing that got away only to find it and realize it's not nearly as spectacular as you remember it.  Fingers crossed.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Failed As A Mother: Recovering from Blankie Loss

Last week I failed as a mother ... I lost my son's blankie.

He is Linus when it comes to his blankie and loves it soo much.  To fully understand, you would have to see his sweet face and the sheer pleasure and security he feels as he reaches for his cozy fleece blanket, pulls it close to his face and then buries his head in it, surrounding himself with the wonderfulness it brings him.

And I lost it!

We were at the mall last week, didn't bring my usual stroller so we got one of those obnoxious mall fire-truck strollers.  My youngest dropped his blanket a couple of times (gross!) and I recovered it, but then when we were all packed up, stroller returned, back in the car and ready to pull away, I realized the blankie was missing!!!

Pulse elevating, mind swirling, frantically retracing my steps - nothing.  My eldest son saying so sweetly, "how is he going to fall asleep without his blankie?"  My fear exactly.

I found a shopping cart (remember I didn't have my stroller) and tore around the mall, taking my kids out to go up the escalator, finding another cart, going to every single store I had been in (six) and looking in the main areas ... NOTHING! Guest services - nothing!

I helplessly left my name, number and the description of the blanket with the guest services clerk, knowing that she didn't "get it" and knowing that I was not going to be getting a call from her - ever. It has his name on it for goodness sake.

When I got home, I called the person that had given it to us as a gift asking where they had gotten it. Luckily ... Toys R Us.  I called mall guest services a few hours later and again the next day - nothing.   I then called around to a whole pile of stores, NOTHING!  Then miraculously found a store that had some stock, ordered two and picked it up two days later (it was an hour away). I think my son knew it wasn't the exact one but he quickly adjusted to being Linus again and loves his two new blankies. 

Deep exhale.

What an adventure!

Do yourself a favour, don't bring blankies to public places!



Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Tea Bag is Choking!

No seriously, how many "layers of protection" does one tea bag need? I mean wouldn't one protective coating suffice?

I am always absolutely amazed when I peal off the layer of plastic around a new box of Earl Grey tea (or insert your favorite blend), only to find ... a cardboard box that now needs opening. Once the box is opened, surprisingly, each and every tea bag is enveloped in a personal paper package that, you guessed it, needs opening.  The tea leaves must be absolutely suffocating in there? 

I know, perhaps I am ranting slightly, but doesn't it amaze you sometimes how much packaging one little piece of food, drink or snack needs? Come on manufacturer's, slim down your packaging!



Monday, October 18, 2010

Mom: Please Forgive Me For My Sink Debris

Multiple times throughout the day, as I peer into my sink, I think of my mother.

And I hear her voice saying something like, "Clean out your sink for goodness sakes! Look at all the food in it. Those drain covers are there for a reason ... to catch all of the food. This is disgusting." And she would be wearing her disgusted look of concern ... you know the one that says, "I didn't raise you like this!"

Thanks Mom.

I know that food lingering in the sink area or left in the drain without being properly disposed of was one of those things that drove my Mom crazy.

And as I have grown up, I notice that most of my Mom's pet peeves and ways of doing things have also, ironically enough, become my own ... but this one hasn't stuck.

It must be the stage of life I am in right now i.e. keeping my sink clean is virtually impossible and against all odds.  It's not that I'm a slob, or at least I don't think of myself as one. I love the look of clean sinks.

See, my sink can be clean!
My sink, until the final end of the night clean up, is gross.  You can find anything from cheerios, yogurt lids, snips off the milk bag, dried up play doh, lunch leftovers, fruit cores, dirty dishes, and other interesting debris inhabiting my sink.  There are just so many meals, so many plates, so many little people crumbs and discards and not enough time to clean up. Oh well, I'm not worried. I'm sure my Mom would understand ;)  although I know Martha would NOT.

Maybe in our next house, I'll request a garburator ... so much easier.

Yours in clogging the drain,


P.S. I spared you the picture of my sink during the day and went with the post clean-up version.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Top Ten Things ...

Ten Things I Don't Like About Coming Home From Being Away:

1.  Laundry
2.  My husband returning to work
3.  Finding bottles of old milk in the car ... two days later
4.  Old flowers in really stinky water
5.  Fruit Flies
6.  Unpacking and the never ending piles of everything
7.  No food in the fridge
8.  Did I mention laundry (forget the theory I mentioned here .. this is going to be an all-weeker)
9.  Colds
10.Realizing we are down to two diapers

Ten Things I Do Like About Coming Home From A Weekend Away:

1.  My bed ... ahhhhhhh
2.  My pillows ... ahhhhhh
3.  The kids being in their own beds and sleeping waaaay better
4.  My kid-proofed house
5.  My kid gates set up in all the right places
6.  Clean and tidy (hopefully, depending on how we left it)
7.  Feeling refreshed with a better perspective
8.  Cozy afternoon and evening with my husband and boys before the start of another busy week
9.  Not living out of a suitcase
10.  My shampoo

Of course I love going away and love coming home too.  Both directions have their benefits.
Enjoy all of your weekends whether at home ... or away.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Oh don't you love these moments?!

Yuck! That's a picture of my kitchen green bin* bag splattered in my sunroom floor, seven feet from being delivered to my green bin.

The thought always crosses my mind when I'm replacing the bag... "what if this bag has a hole in it? Is it going to leak as I run it to the garage?"

But this? This is uncalled for. The entire bottom of the bag must have split open... A mere hole resulting in a few drips I could handle.

Need I say my husband enjoyed some baked brown beans, I had just emptied out fridge of leftovers post long weekend and add a few diapers.... Yeah, gross!

It's one of those moments, as you're staring down at the floor, that your inner child thinks "there is no way I'm cleaning this up! Eww!" but then grown up me realizes there ain't no one I can pass the buck to and thus I take a deep breath, break out the paper towels and go about my business.

Yours in yucky clean ups,


*a green bin holds compost waste for municipal pick up service

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Attention All DIYers: I Need Some Advice

Okay all you DIYers, I am looking to you for help.

I read your blogs, look at your before and after pictures, am amazed by the miracles you work and the masterpieces you create from nothing, so now I am asking for some help.

I am looking for guidance on two items - an antique side table that was my Grandma's and a vanity mirror top that matches a dresser in my son's room (not sure if "vanity mirror top" is correct terminology ... almost definitely not, but I can't come up with anything better right now).

First off, My Grams' Side Table:

As is, it is plain, unoffensive, nice enough, but boring and lacking any sort of wow! factor.  I like the details of it and think that it could be great, just needs a bit of a re-work.  Because of the sentimental factor here, don't want to bedazzle the heck out of it or paint it pink or anything, just enhance it's beauty factor.  Any ideas?

Second, a Vanity Mirror Top:

As I mentioned, this old, dusty thing, matches a low dresser that is in my son's room (we painted it, changed the hardware, etc.). Now I am wondering what to do with this?  I was thinking of bringing it into my son's room in some form or another.  One idea I had was to remove the glass (it has a huge crack not visible in the picture) and replace it with chalkboard paint or corking to make an area for my son to post pictures, leave messages, or tack things up from school. I am open to ideas and ways to update this piece, so please leave a comment or suggestion.

That's it for now. Can't wait to hear some ideas.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Time To Show Me Some Love

Okay all you readers, and I know you're out there because I read my statistics page and know you're checking in on me. It's time to do one of two things:  1) click the "follow" button on my blog (top right) to become a follower - you can do this anonymously if it is a concern, or 2) enter your email address to subscribe (top left) and get notified whenever I publish a new post.  This way you don't have to remember my blog address or wonder if I have posted yet for the day, you will be the first to find out!

And an important update:  for some strange technological reason unbeknownst to me, all of the commenting capabilities were turned off on my blog for a few weeks, therefore making it impossible for any of you to comment. Rest assured, I figured it out and now you can comment freely.  If there was a post that you liked, didn't like, had something to say about, please re-visit and send me a comment. Thanks!

A number of you email me almost daily letting me know what you think of my posts, sharing insight and experiences.  I love hearing from you and please don't stop, but feel free to type in a quick comment too! I'm sure others would enjoy hearing what you have to say. To share a comment, scroll down to the end of a post and click on "comments".

Thank you to everyone for all of their words of encouragement and feedback during my first month of blogging! I'm so flattered, I think I'll stick around a while longer.

Thank you,


You Drove How Far This Weekend?

Like I mentioned on Friday, my family and I headed north to Manitoulin Island for our thanksgiving this past weekend. It's a good six-hour drive for us and many people wonder why we bother driving that far. I can't put it into words. Maybe it's because I have been going there for my summer vacations for the past 31 years ... maybe because it is remote, rugged, stunningly beautiful and away from it all .... maybe because it's where I feel closest to my Mom (who passed away seven years ago) as  ... whatever it is, it's home to me.  And thankfully my husband and kids are crazy about it too.

Have you ever been to Manitoulin Island? If yes, I would love to hear about it ... if no ... something to add to all of your bucket lists!

Here are some pics ...

It's so nice to getaway ... to make time for a few extra deep breaths, to run away from the piles, the to-do lists, laundry machines, unfinished projects, computers and work.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed some time with family and friends.



P.S. You'll notice some of the pictures have some unique filters and looks to them ... I took them all on my iPhone with new app - Hipstamatic. It is AMAZING!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy (Almost) Canadian Thanksgiving!

One of my favorite holidays of the year.

My family and I are heading north, like quite north (six hours), to Manitoulin Island ... the largest freshwater island in the world. There's your google search for today.

Aerial view of Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada
I am taking today off and not writing a real post.  Will update much more next week with pictures and tales of eater's remorse.  Look out stuffing and pumpkin pie, here I come.

Canadians - enjoy your long weekend.  And to all you Yanks ... just about six more weeks of waiting for you and your Turkey Day!

Talk Soon,


Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Family's Close Call

This post is a bit more sombre than my usual ... an excerpt from an article I wrote for a newspaper this year.  Given there are many Moms, aunts, Grandmas, Nanas and a husband (mine) that read this, I figured it may be timely as the holiday seasons approach.

Our children are precious ... give them an extra hug today and enjoy every moment (good and challenging).

Safe wishes,



Last summer, while visiting Manitoulin Island, my husband and I endured the horrible experience of a cottage accident that resulted in our 22-month-old son being rushed from a family camp by ambulance to a local hospital and then air lifted by helicopter for a 2-hour flight to a children’s hospital in Ottawa.

The accident was one of those things you never dream of happening ... on the last day of our annual getaway to Tobacco Lake, a large tube television came crashing down and fell on my son’s head, sending him to the floor and knocking him semi-conscious with a literal dent in his head.  We were absolutely panicked and had no clue what to do. We ran next door where my aunt and uncle live, my husband carrying my son’s lifeless body and me, seven-months pregnant, screaming and tripping along the way.  Once there, my aunt and uncle immediately called 9-1-1 (why didn’t we think of that?).

In the minutes that followed, I was asked a series of questions by the 9-1-1 dispatcher about my location that I couldn’t answer.

I was at a camp I had visited every summer for the past 30 years, but knew nothing of the “official” name of the road or the camp-numbering system (something told me the dispatcher would not know where “The Beaver Lodge”  was located) ... hysterical and feeling the pressure of critical seconds passing by, I handed the phone to my aunt.   Thankfully, she took control and explained where we were as best she could.  As in most cottage destinations, the directions into our camp are informal at best. These types of directions, I can assure you, are not helpful in an emergency situation where accuracy and timing can mean life or death.

The minutes, hours and days that followed after our 9-1-1 call are all a blur now and involved an ambulance, multiple emergency rooms, being airlifted to Ottawa, x-rays, CAT Scans and a final diagnosis of three skull fractures.  The good news:  no brain damage or long-term effects and a HUGE wake-up call as to just how careful we, as parents (grandparents, aunts, friends and family), have to be with our precious children.

That fateful morning, we became one of the 100 Canadian families that would rush their child to an emergency room this year due to a toppling television set and one of the more than 9,000 whose child became injured because of falling furniture (

With summer on its way, many families are looking forward to vacation time. Parents and cottage owners alike need to be proactive and aware of the dangers that exist for young children when they are visiting or lending out their cottage.

Paediatrician and injury-prevention specialist, Dr. Charmaine van Schaik says the best way to prepare yourself and your family when you are in a new place is to get down on your hands and knees and see things from the perspective of your child.

Common areas to be aware of for possible hazards include:  Old Furniture that may be easily toppled; Bunk Beds – mattresses should fit properly and beds placed tight against the wall with proper side rails in place.  Children under six years old should not use the top bunk; Dated Children’s Equipment –Safety standards for cribs, play pens, high chairs, car seats and other toys are in place for a reason. Ensure the equipment being used is acceptable and has the appropriate labels and instructions; Toxic Substances and Medicine; Exterior Doors – keep locked and make sure that your children cannot open them; Water– whether in the lake or the bathroom; Televisions – need to be kept on low, sturdy furniture, never on dressers or make-shift stands. Place on the floor if appropriate furniture does not exist; Electrical Outlets and cords; Blind cords; and Emergency Information – have all appropriate phone numbers, addresses and directions available by the telephone.

I don’t know what we would have done had it not been for the health services that were available on The Island.  I was pleasantly surprised, given our isolation, at the fast arrival of the ambulance. I was so thankful that The Island had emergency centres to receive my son and diligently care for him and coordinate the proper next steps.

I shudder to think of what would have happened if it weren’t for the helicopter and paramedics team,  who flew to get us and were so well trained, and took complete control of the situation and stabilized our son for the long ride to Ottawa.

Thanks to everyone involved, my family and I are able to return to The Island we so love in good health this year.  We will, however, ensure that wherever we stay, we know all of the important emergency information, including our exact phone number and address with proper directions to our location.  We will also make sure any precariously-perched television sets are placed safely on the floor.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kraft Dinner: A Family Staple

Kraft Dinner is a polarizing food.

You either love it ... or at least embrace it as sometimes necessary and feed it to your family occasionally.

OR you do not like it, put your nose up in disgust of it and judge others who may be feeding their precious offspring with such garbage.

Me and my husband, we love it! Well, love is a strong word. Our taste buds have come a long way since being introduced to it as kids. And to clarify, it's not like we eat it all of the time, probably not even monthly.

But, we do have a few twists we like to add to complement our cherished KD and to make it, well, more healthy, if that is at all possible.

We add a can of tuna (protein!)

and a head of brocolli (everyone needs veggies)

and use very little butter.

I guess we should just eat it as is and enjoy it for what it is ... but honestly, the enhancements are not bad and do make me feel a bit better we are eating some greens and getting a bit of bone builder.

So whether you love KD - au natural or with enhancements - or poo poo it and choose to make macaroni and cheese from scratch always ... enjoy a meal with your loved ones today!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

So just a warning that this post may be a bit depressing for those readers who are pre-kids ....

Mirror mirror on the wall,
Where did my flat stomach go?

Before I had kids, I had a reasonably flat stomach. My stomach was the one body part that I could somewhat count on. As I've mentioned in previous posts, the boobs are lacking, and I am of the pear shape variety.

I am happy to say that I am relatively, give or take five pounds, back to my pre-kids weight. Fitting in normal clothes, buying similar sizes to years gone by .... it's nice to be back.

But my stomach .... it just doesn't look the same.  If it's covered, under a dress, hiding behind jeans, it's fine, but straight out in the open, nope, a sad version of what existed before.  I should be thankful, no bright red stretch marks or huge challenges losing weight, oh and of course two healthy and beautiful children ... but the way the skin sits .... wrinkles ... kind of hangs out over anything elastic put up against it (a girl has to wear underwear!).

I know everyone doesn't experience this because I have seen Moms wear bikinis and there ain't nothing happening on their stomachs like what is happening on mine!

Don't get me wrong (my friends are probably totally grossed out reading this and thinking, WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION!), it's not THAT bad, it's just when you compare it to before, it is definitely different. We're not talking Kate Gosselin gone wrong here, just some strategic stretch marks exactly down the midline that tend to buckle because that is wear the skin naturally pushes.

Oh well. I guess it's the granny pants section for me at Victoria Secret. I always wondered why in the hell they even made underwear that came up that high ... now I know :) Great!

If you see someone with their underwear sticking out of their jeans today, and it is NOT a thong, think of me!


P.S. All joking aside ... a very small price to pay to be a Mom.

Monday, October 4, 2010

"Mommy, Me Feel Me Pee Pees Coming"

For a Mom of a just toilet-trained three-year-old, the words, "Mommy, me feel me pee pees coming!" indicate the beginning of a 30-second window in which I must locate a toilet, get to it, get my son's pants and underwear down to his ankles (tougher than it sounds if you're holding a 25 lb toddler in your arms as well) and then pray that his aim is good that day.

If at home, no big deal - my son can navigate himself to the bathroom with ease.

But, and this is a huge but, if you're in a public place (or in the car!), the difficulty of this challenge drastically goes up and the consequences of not achieving your mission of finding a toilet within the allotted time becomes more disastrous.

Today, it was at the grocery store. Thankfully, approximately 30 feet from the washroom. BUT before you go thinking I had this one in the bag, let me also share that I was in the self checkout line, midway through scanning my order, lineup behind me, double stroller in tow (might as well have been pushing a bus) ... hmmmm, what to do?

I frantically looked around and met eyes with the checkout supervisor, blurted that "I would be right back, my son had to go to the washroom", grabbed both kids and darted for la toilette. She seemed to understand and even volunteered to scan through some of my items (bonus!).  It's so nice when people respond this way, as the truth is, there's not much a parent can do in these situations. Unfortunately, as we all know, there are plenty of people out there that respond in other, less understanding ways.

Anyhoo, I/we survived. We made it. Turns out it was a false alarm, after all that. Ahhh, the things I'd love to add to my ever-expanding resume.

The lengths parents go to when toilet training!

Here's hoping you rise to all of your challenges today!


P.S. Be thankful I did not share my "Mommy, me feel me poo poos coming" story which happened while on a forest walk with my friend Rebecca and her kids!

Friday, October 1, 2010

We Love You Jamie!

My husband and I love Jamie Oliver.

I think my husband received his first Jamie cookbook from his Mum for Christmas approximately seven years ago ... and we've pretty much become obsessed with his entire repertoire ever since and collected all of his remaining installations.

I'm not certain which recipe we tried first, but man, do his meals ever taste delish.  I don't know exactly what it is. They're not that complicated, especially when you compare to some out there.  It must be his flavour combinations - taking two or three items you would normally never think of putting together and presto! Mouth watering, oozing with flavour and for the most part, pretty healthy. He uses a lot of fresh herbs which makes a huge difference and results in food tasting really fresh and alive with flavour.

We are so confident in Jamie's ability to impress that we often try out his recipes for the first time while entertaining (usually a risky move when you haven't attempted the meal with all of its steps prior to the big event). We trust Jamie ... and he hasn't let us down yet.

The following recipes are just a quick list of some of our favorites.  We have tried, tested and give three thumbs up (I have linked them to online versions and provided pictures where possible):

    Working Girl's Pasta by Jamie Oliver

Spaghetti With Sweet Cherry Tomatoes ... By Jamie Oliver


Parsnip and Pancetta Tagliatelle By Jamie Oliver

    Scrummy Warm Arugula Salad By Jamie Oliver

Easy Peasy Ginger Beer By Jamie Oliver

Lemon Curdy Pud By Jamie Oliver

 ... And any of his risotto recipes

I hope that gives you a bit of inspiration for this weekend's meal preparations.

Happy eating!

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